Accommodation Options for International Students in Canada

Are you on the lookout for accommodation options for International Students in Canada? Well, depending on your budget, expectations, and requirements the Canadian Schools can connect you to a wide variety of accommodation options including both on and off-campus accommodation options.

If you happen to be an international student, then the first place to start looking for accommodation is the international students’ office or the website of the college or university you will be attending. To understand better take a look at the standard accommodation options for International Students in Canada.

Accommodation Options for International Students in Canada

  • 1. Student Residence – Dormitories & Townhouses

    Canada offers a lot of accommodation options for International Students in Canada which include student residences on-campus or nearby the campus. Under the student residence falls is dormitories that are large buildings housing many students, whereas townhouses on the other hand are detached that can usually accommodate three to six students.

    Dormitories are often the most suggested choice for first-year students. Usually, dormitories have common areas for entertainment, cooking, and exercise, and also have shared bathrooms. The dormitories sleep one or more people per room and are managed directly by the school. On the other hand, townhouses have three to six bedrooms with single occupancy with the main floor having a kitchen and living room. Usually second to fourth-year students find these accommodation options helpful. Both the accommodation options for international students in Canada include basic utilities and also have a nearby cafeteria or a food court.

  • 2. Off-Campus Shared Apartment or Condominium

    Off-campus shared apartments or Condominiums provide students with a single room with a living space that can accommodate one or more other roommates. These are somewhat the same as townhomes discussed above

  • 3. Host Family/Homestay

    If you wish to live in a family atmosphere then living with a host family or a homestay is the best option for you as it provides you with the warmth of home and a sense of security. Normally, host families provide a private, single-occupancy room, and serve one – three meals per day and internet access. For students who choose to live in homestays in Canada expect to travel 30 – 50 minutes by bus or train in order to reach their college/school/university for this is a normal commute time in Canada.

  • 4. Furnished or Unfurnished Apartment Rentals

    Well, if you wish to live in furnished or unfurnished apartment rentals then there are n number of secure ways in which you can find a temporary furnished apartment rental before your arrival in Canada. You can use websites like Airbnb, Craigslist, HouseTrip, or Wimdu and find apartments that are normally furnished private rentals. Make sure that you read the reviews of each apartment rental and check the feedback from other guests who have previously stayed there before finalizing one. You can also choose to rent an unfurnished apartment but for freshers, it might be difficult to navigate.