Capitalize on different opportunities after the completion of your studies in one of the most hospitable countries and avail Permanent Residency and also the benefits that come along with it when students choose to enroll in different courses. Have a look at the top courses in Canada for PR listed below.

Top Courses in Canada for PR are enumerated below:

  • 1. Master of Business Administration

    Master of Business Administration (MBA) is considered as a top course for studying in Canada as the majority of aspirants are on the lookout for decent employment. Since the MBA jobs are listed in the skill shortage occupation list, a major chunk can benefit from jobs in different sectors like banking, management consultant, investment finance jobs, and management consulting jobs too as these feature in the skill-shortage list of the Canadian administration.

  • 2. IT & Computer Science

    A course in IT & Computer Science is gaining supreme attraction as after the completion of it, the students are recruited in jobs with top-class positions available for IT software engineers and project managers in different fields from project management to software development.

  • 3. Finance & Business

    If you are keen on learning the functions as well as applications of financial markets a degree in finance is all you need to open the doors for great job opportunities waiting for you in Canada. Under the course, economics is one such major that imparts formal training to the students that helps them forecast the economy especially Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The best jobs available under this category are Broking, Asset Management, Investment Management, Banking, Insurance, and Accounting.

  • 4. Engineering Management & Core Engineering

    Civil, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Chemical, and Engineering Management are among recommended jobs attracting many aspirants due to the presence of the manufacturing sector in the Central Canada Region.

  • 5. Medicine, Biosciences and Healthcare

    Pursuing degree programs in Medicine, Bioscience, and Healthcare are recommended for skilled and highly qualified professionals. Different jobs under this range from biotechnology, biological sciences, pharmacy, nursing to dentistry among others.

  • 6. Media & Journalism

    If you are keen on getting a job in Public Relations then you should consider taking a degree in Media & Journalism as it has diverse fields and enables students to get recruited in Public Relations, Advertising, Journalism, and Marketing fields. Apart from this, Digital Marketing and digital and interactive design are other fields providing good opportunities to students.

    The above-mentioned courses are some of the many courses aspirants intend to take when planning their higher education. If you are also one amongst them, then take a look at the courses in Canada for PR and begin your journey in the country of dreams of many.