As a matter of fact, the immigration process is only 30% of the whole transformation process. Shifting to a new country for jobs, studies, and living purposes comes along with a great deal of preparations. We take it in our stride to take care of the remaining 70% through our wide-ranging and customized post landing services that will help you settle in Canada with ease.

We make sure that you do not feel alone in the new country and always ensure that you have a support system with you in the alien surroundings. With our top-class personalized post landing services, we aim at giving you all the possible help and guidance you need to settle easily in Canada.

Right from taking care of the airport transfers to helping you find good accommodation options, we offer all possible post landing services that you may need in Canada. With Aspire Canada on board, you do not have to worry about any issues related to your post-landing. Let us have a look at how Aspire Canada helps you with Pre-Arrival & Post Landing issues in Canada. The list is as follows for the different areas in which we provide help and support:

Landing & Movement

  • Airport pickup facilities
  • Help with the documentation that you need to present at the airport
  • Sharing information on how to reach your accommodation place from the airport
  • Sharing information about how to get through with the driving license process and helping you get your license in Canada.
  • Sharing information on how you can buy your first car
  • Sharing information on how you can buy your car insurances
  • Sharing information about different transportation/commute options available in the country.
  • Sharing information on how you can travel without a car in the country.
  • Sharing information about acquiring Travel Card (presto card)
  • Sharing information on how to reach any place via trains and bases with the right use of Google Maps.

Canadian Processes

  • Sharing information about the health card application process
  • Sharing information on the initial temporary application process
  • Sharing information on how you can apply for your SIN Number. This number is mandatory for a foreigner intending to pursue to do a job in Canada.
  • Sharing information on how you can get photo ID/GI license
  • Sharing information about on how you can save your tax if you do not have any job

Adapting in Canada

  • Helping you out with finding some of the major commodities like bed, mattress, etc.
  • Also, if you need any English or French lessons, we also help you sign-up for free for them as these two are the main officially recognized languages in Canada.
  • Helping you with opening Bank account & applying for credit card
  • Offering SIM card support.
  • Helping you out with knowing places from you can buy cheap groceries and other household stuff.
  • Helping you out in finding good accommodation and connecting you with top realtors in Canada

Apart from the above-discussed services we at Aspire Canada custom create post landing services for our clients. So, if there is anything that is bothering you or you feel that you might get stuck with this when in Canada, feel free to talk to us about that as our team will be more than happy to help you get out of the tough situation. We assure you of delivering par excellence services at the most affordable costs.