Scholarships administered by Global Affairs Canada and provinces/ territories

In Canada Global Affairs Canada holds the responsibility for maintaining and administering a wide variety of international scholarships from the Canadian government and other scholarship providers that includes Canadian Research Councils. Scholarships administered by Global Affairs Canada and provinces/territories Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is the Canadian government department that oversees its foreign affairs.

To learn about the Scholarship in Canada for Masters Students you can view a list of the scholarship options offered by Global Affairs Canada on their website. In few cases, provinces and territories offer funding for bright and aspiring postgraduates looking to study in Canada. You can find out more options by contacting the right Department of Education or by taking a look at GAC’s list of provincial and territorial scholarships for international students.

International scholarships from individual Canadian universities

In order to recruit high-quality international postgraduates, some Canadian universities offer their own Masters’s scholarships to help the students. Certainly, the availability of these varies from one institution to another but the best way to find out what’s available to you is to check the information that has been published by individual universities.

Fundings from International Partnerships

Scholarships and exchange programs may be offered in other countries. You can find out about the available opportunities by contacting the Canadian embassy or consulate in your country.

Scholarships in Canada for Masters Students are offered by Global Affairs Canada, International Partnerships, Private Universities itself, and many more institutions.